During the two weeks of residence, MqA offers to the artists in residence two different workshops, run by natives yanesha artists.



Dyeing Fabrics & old techniques applied to Painting

By Elizabeth Cirineo

Taking inspiration from nature and art, this exploratory workshop will investigate the ancient techniques
of dyeing cloth and fabric painting, developed many years ago by the indigenous communities of Peru.The artist may be able to make their own pictorial support to be involved with natural dyes developed from seeds that can be harvested from the area of the Central Jungle of Peru. It is recommended that artists take a log to record the creative and technical process, during the two days of the workshop.

There will be a special emphasis on the use of natural materials and how to harvest and prepare for painting.




Native Mask Wood Carving

By Atilio Gonzales

This workshop will give artists the opportunity to freely and creatively create their own masks, through
the use of traditional and sculptural carpentry, artists in residence will learn traditional techniques of Yanesha native woodcarving to develop their own creative proposals. The focus will be on the quality of the carving, the study of anthropomorphic forms and offer the artist a new perspective on the expressive potential of wood, with the ultimate aim to develop a creative and original mask.
It is recommended that artists take a log to record the creative and technical process, during the two days of the workshop.


Shared Studio

"Nature invites you to experiment in new ways, free from the confines of traditional art space."


  • Drawing and Proposals Area & Resources
  • Painting Area & Resources
  • Woodworking Studio

(*) The MQA's work system has been designed in such way that it allows the artist to be in constant contact with diverse spaces, landscapes and contexts. Much of the work is done outside the private space of the residence.


Machaqmara Center for the Arts is a well-equipped 1,239,000 square foot facility with two shared studios, and common use wood studio and drawing & painting - reading studio. We provide twenty-four hour access to the Center’s facility and offer staff support Monday through Friday during normal business hours.