MQA is the perfect place for artists in search of a deeper connection with nature and whom wish to renew their energy to experience peace and joy during their creative process.
We enjoy an area of 123.90 hectares, the same which are destined to the conservation of the flora and fauna, keeping the ecosystem in healthy conditions.

The geographical settings are great for the development of activities outdoors related with ecotourism or adventure tourism in parallel with the artistic experience. An exotic tropical valley in delightful warm weather, magical waterfalls, exuberant nature and wide ethnic diversity are the best assets of this stunning and cultural location in Peru.



The stay at the residence is designed based on simplicity and while also keeping in mind the objective of being in harmony with the beautiful rainforest that surrounds us. We are using natural methods to reduce the upsetting if insects and small animals, We remind you to be at peace with the environment.


Shared bedrooms

  • Beds 
  • Bathroom equipped with warm water
  • Closets

Shared space

  • Wifi Access
  • Cable Television
  • Library
  • Work tables
  • Food and basic hygiene dispensers
  • Ecological waste baskets
  • Hammocks


  • Tools and equipment for wood carving, painting, assembling and installation / intervention projects. We encouraged artists to propose land art works and site intervention projects.
  • Shared Studio
  • Technical Assistance
  • Wi-Fi connection. We encouraged artists to be in touch with nature more than with technology.
  • Kitchen and more...

Studio Time

The Center is open to the public Wednesdays and Fridays from 3 to 7 PM. These times are great opportunities for the community to get to know the artists work. Artists-in-Residency have 24-Hour access to the Center and shared studio.