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I Artist In residence Program

San Ramon, Peru

Theme: "Nativeland"

During the last decade, the questions of what is the role of native artisans and artists is, what it could be, and how it should be named in Peruvian cultural sphere have been under a lot of discussion. In this I edition the MQA AiR Program will not continue these already somewhat repetitious discussions; instead, it will illuminate, reflect on, and problematize the contexts in which contemporary and natives artists work and think in collaboration.

January, 2015



Theme: "Nature, others and me"

In this new landscape of changing paradigms of modern world we truly believe that is essential to open a door for the understanding of the connection between nature and man; how can artists have the duty to be aware of the new questions that may arise from this encounter and also be able to respond creatively to stimulate a critical debate on the potentialities that the viewers have when they interact with their artistic projects within public space sphere.

October, 2015