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Carretera Central 98.5 Km
San Ramón, Chanchamayo - Peru 

T. (00) (51) 945 240 076 - Peru.

T. (00) (47) 930 56 664 - Norway.



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Through the power of art and education in an ecological environment, Machaqmara Center for the Arts inspires creativity, transforms individuals, and builds community, supported and based on the search for Peruvian native communities social sustainability. Your contribution makes our current artist in residence programme possible and allows us to find ways to best serve artists as well as promote, preserve and diffuse Peruvian Art and Culture. As a donor, you are enhancing the quality of the Machaqmara experience for all of the artists who attend to our Art & Cultural Space and to create strong bonds that will allow us to make a wider contribution and commitment to Peruvian Native Communities.