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Machaqmara Artist in Residency Program has been established as a socially engaged art and research space for visual artists and anyone interested in the field. With the aim of encourage cultural exchange, generate research projects related to the preservation and revitalization of artistic-cultural traditions and contemporary public art practice. This context takes place in a self and artistic development shared platform that is achieved by Yoga and Meditation sessions made in parallel with art practice. Workshops are run by Peruvian native artists introducing a diversity of traditional art modes.

The mission of the MQA "Artist in Residency Program" has as its main goal the support and development of creativity and knowledge processes linked to the public realm, among the resident artists whilst having them participate in a platform of uninterrupted, thoughtful and balanced work. Sharing artistic skills and joining in on overall interactive activities in an environment of great natural beauty, in contact with native communities of the area and where they can experience the limits of specific artistic-engaged production.

*We must preserve this natural environment for the benefit of the artists and all citizens while also seeking the least environmental impact.

download the PROGRAM DESCRIPTION before you start your application ]



The online application IS NOT OPEN at the moment. The MQA welcomes all national and international candidates working in all media within the visual arts, such as sculpture, painting, installation, performance, photography, video, digital art, among others. Applications will be reviewed by a internal jury headed by our Artistic Director. Selected artists will subsequently be contacted for Skype interviews. 

(*) Residency will take place on...date yet to be confirmed.

  Work by artist in residence, Martina Orska.

Work by artist in residence, Martina Orska.

(*) Please confirm that all application materials are final before submitting, as applications cannot be edited thereafter. Note that incomplete or incorrectly labeled application materials may be disqualified for entry.




Applicants must provide the following:

Fill the form below and upload your application as a SINGLE PDF, with the following materials:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of Intent describing how the resident artist plans to make use of their time during the residency, and how this specific art event will help them to further their artistic and intellectual goals (200 - 300 words / one page max)
  • 10 images of past artwork or online portfolio link, or up to 3 links to video works (links to clips of 2 minutes or less preferred), with captions that include year, medium, size, and venue as appropriate.


(*) Also can be send by e-mail using the following filename format: Applicant3_Lastname.pdf” (e.g., “Applicant3_Jackson.pdf”) (SEND IT TOinfo@machaqmara.org │ subject: "III AiR Program - Lastname" │File max size: 10 MB.


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