MACHAQMARA CENTER FOR THE ARTS is an arts organization for innovative social, cultural and artistic development of public realm, constantly re-vitalizing it through the production of new creative ways of being and living our everydayness. Since its founding in 2014, the MQA has sought to engage artists and citizens together within interconnected processes for shaping our daily realities.

The artist, is the master of finding the beauty of the ordinary, it´s about the mundane acts that have the potential to make a difference. We are convinced about the need of tolerant-plurality within our common settings in order to creatively empower people and communities; both native artists and contemporary artists play an important role to keep this openness alive.

We create situations and moments to produce and embrace intellectual and emotional joy, in particular by the development of a flexible and reflective artist in residency program in Peruvian jungle. Seeking to improve cultural exchange, collaboration, participation, art alter-nativity and the necessary awareness of the potential and possibilities of our daily lives.

Working in and out the white box, Machaqmara allows itself to be a life-mutable organization based on an adaptable spirit for facing the old, current and the unpredictable future contexts. "Inspiring creative citizens", they are the agents of change. We, the artists, we are the agents of pointing out. We are an art laboratory for the understanding of all the elements and lived experiences that shape a place, we want an understanding in motion of all the different and unique atmospheres coexisting in public livelihood.

We heartily embrace unpredictable human experiences.



Machaqmara Center for the Arts -without knowing yet- began its story early 2014 in Thailand but it wasn´t until the second half of the year when came alive in Peruvian territory. Inspired by his human, meditative, artistic and self-reflective journey in Koh Yao Noi island, south Thailand, our Founder and Director Rodrigo Ghattas gave birth to a mind-shift art project. Right away the MQA achieved to engaged and connect local and international audiences together, with the aim of supporting collaborative art practice between Peruvian native artists and contemporary artists in Public Space. 

The MQA is situated in the middle of the jungle facing the Chanchamayo River in San Ramon District, Chanchamayo Province, on the central area of Peru. With only 27 000 inhabitants, San Ramón is considered one of the most prosper cities in Peruvian central jungle. Also known for its ethnic diversity, the city has welcomed immigrant communities specially from Asia and Europe and immigrants from the country high-mountains areas.Now, they all live in harmony with the first "owners" of the land, native people from Yanesha and Ashaninka communities.



Through the artist in residency program Machaqmara promotes the following objectives to fulfill for the benefit of native communities in Peruvian central jungle for the preservation of their culture and art:

  • Artists must be familiar with the environment and social-cultural context of native communities, to generate a link for artistic creation between the native tradition and new creative contemporary proposals that could be generate during the 02 weeks of residence. Engaging the inhabitants participation and collaboration in public space.
  • Artists in residence will be encouraged to deed to the project one of the art works make during the period of the program.
  • These pieces will become part of an later exhibition, money raised by the sale of these works will serve to create a fund for the promotion of native art and culture.
  • This money will be used to implement art workshops, seminars, cultural activities of integration, educational exchanges with artists and foreign teachers, realization of seedbeds in search of young talented artists native along the 105 native communities of the central forest region of our country.
  • Consolidation of an integrated community of foreign, national and native artists, in order to promote artistic and cultural cooperation between them in pro to generate new and creative artistic projects in favor of Peruvian public art.




founder & director

(Lima, Peru – Oslo, Norway)

Rodrigo is a multidisciplinary Peruvian-Palestinian social artist and cultural producer. He owns a particular broad art practice, working mainly with sculpture, installation, daily performativity, poetry and intervention. His practice is embedded within collaborative discourse, engaging with public space, communities and nature. His work has been shown in countries like Thailand, Peru, U.S.A, Norway and Italy. 

Graduated in Fine Arts and specialized in Sculpture (2013) by the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru and current MFA Art and Public Space candidate at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway.

Visit his portfolio in: artandpublicspace/rodrigo-ghattas

Or get in touch with him via:

+47 930 56 664


COmmunications & marketing coordinator

(Lima, Peru)


Communicator, publicist, volunteer, editor and polyglot in love with the art, she is bachelor in communications by the Universidad de Lima with a specialization in marketing and advertising (2013). She speaks Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. She has worked as a community manager and media planner for important brands in different areas and in 2015 she did a conference about Peruvian culture for kids in Brasilia. Currently, she studies Portuguese in the cultural Brazil -Peru center.

She has developed some projects and painting, photograph and lettering exhibitions.

She has taken workshops in cultural management with Cecilia Aguirre, as well as of design and exhibition production with Miguel Ángel Vidal Trujillo.


Find her in:

Or get in touch with her via:


- Diego Carhuaricra

- Maria Alejandra Ugaz

- Valeria Tapia

- Anthony Pinedo

- Luis Peralta

- Silvia Dávila

- José Del Aguila

Visit the Art Next Level website for further info.

Listen to Rodrigo Ghattas, our Artistic Director, interview about the Machaqmara Artist in Residence Programme.