Machaqmara is an aymara word that symbolize rebirth and renewal of all energies that allow the balance between mankind and nature.

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MACHAQMARA CENTER FOR THE ARTS is a Peruvian organization for innovative cultural development of public space, revitalizing it through artistic and educational projects.

Since its founding, MCA has sought to engage artists in a process that connects them directly with the environment, native people, tradition and self-development throughout the national territory and its amazing landscapes. The result is an artistic production informed by authentic experiences interacting with nature, community residents and other artists creating work about these encounters and situates the conversation in a local-national context, related to contemporary art practice.

We have as a core the development of three major cultural platforms. The Artist in Residence Program  provides opportunities for artists to take risks and experiment in their practice while exploring new ways of working outside the studio; The Machaqfest is a music and arts festival with the aim to spread Peruvian and Latin American culture; and The native-experimental educational program, to provide Peruvian native artists with all the tools and platforms to improved their artistic creation. MCA was established in 2014,in the city of San Ramon - Chanchamayo, founded by Peruvian visual artist Rodrigo Ghattas.



Through the artist in residency program Machaqmara promotes the following objectives to fulfill for the benefit of native communities in Peruvian central jungle for the preservation of their culture and art:

  • Artists must be familiar with the environment and social-cultural context of native communities, to generate a link for artistic creation between the native tradition and new creative contemporary proposals that should be generate during the 02 weeks of residence. Engaging the inhabitants participation and collaboration in public space.
  • Artists in residence will be encouraged to deed to the project one of the art works make during the period of the program.
  • These pieces will become part of an later exhibition, money raised by the sale of these works will serve to create a fund for the promotion of native art and culture.
  • This money will be used to implement art workshops, seminars, cultural activities of integration, educational exchanges with artists and foreign teachers, realization of seedbeds in search of young talented artists native along the 105 native communities of the central forest region of our country.
  • Consolidation of an integrated community of foreign, national and native artists, in order to promote artistic and cultural cooperation between them in pro to generate new and creative artistic projects in favor of Peruvian art.



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